An Caisleán

The new Castle An Caisleán is a castle that talks. It is a NEW PARISH JOURNAL. A journal with a mission to record all the present happenings in the parish as they happen each year. In that way it will be a wonderful source of information for all. It will be a news-letter that can be sent to friends across the seas, or a document that can be stored away for generations yet to come … I wish An Caisleán a long and valuable life in the Parish.”

– Very Rev Fr James Minogue St Joseph’s Castleconnell Parish Priest – Issue One 1997

Founding Committee Members: Rev James Maguire PP, Anne O’Flynn, Irene Hynes, Mary Dillon, Celie O Rahilly, Josephine McCabe, Dilly Edmond, Peggy Duffy, Peggy Joyce, Margaret Jackson, Joe Carroll, Pat Skehan, Sean Hartigan, Stephen Reidy.

An Caisleán has continued to be published each year by its industrious committee, and each issue contains many wonderful photographs and stories of the parish both contemporary and from the past.

The issues from 1997-2011 have now been indexed courtesy of Celie O Rahilly and this is available for searching or download here. AnCaisleanIndex_1997-2011

For basic indexes for 2012, 2013 & 2014, click on these pages.

Come along to view the full set in our new Heritage Centre housed in the ACM Centre, Castle Street.